Cara bara, bo bara

Well, well, well…

Apparently I have totally forgotten about our truce to introduce each other to the world in lieu of excitement/heart-crushing-disappointment over the lack of Kiefer Sutherland in my life (that sounded slightly more gay than planned…) Oops.  However, let it be known that I will not pass on my opportunity to publically mock and humiliate  praise and celebrate my dear co-author Miss Cara.

Cara is a 23 year old Virgo, who lives in NYC, loves shopping and long walks on the beach.  Her number is…

Kiddddddddinggg.  I don’t even think she’s a Virgo. I may or may not have made that up too.

You see, this all goes way back.  Back into time.  Cara’s desk was perpendicular to mine at a cozy, little office of our college newspaper called The Mirror.  I knew we were destined to one day start a blog together which we would co-write and call our own ever since she introduced me to a little show called Arrested Development. (Notice how I am not consistent with my italicizing and “quotation marks”. This would not be acceptable at “The Mirror”.)  Ever since I realized that Arrested was the most amazing thing since sliced bread, I realized that I must share the joys of Entertainment with Cara more frequently, as it was found that she was worthy of my precious, yet-mostly-spent-watching-Netflix-DVDs time.

A few fun facts for you to sink your teeth into:

1. Although I listen to her every recommendation, Cara has still not watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   This hyperlink is solely for her own sake, so she can now purchase all 40 DVDs at once, and rejoice.

2.  Cara likes pizza.

3.  Cara has jogged with John Krasinski, aka Jim Halpert.  And by “jogged”, I mean she passed him while jogging,  got in his way and played that awkward “I’m goin’ this wa…i mean…here i’ll go…oops, sorry…IM IN YOUR WAY AND YOU’RE JIM HALPERT” type of jogging.

4 . She has a secret crush on Haley Joel Osment.

5. If Cara’s life was Sex and the City, it would actually be called “Poor Decisions and Awkward Occurrences In the City.  It would also star Michael Cera.

As she, I will not spoil everything, but allow you to get to know her through her vivacious and riveting tales of daily intrigue.

….me mi mo Mara…

One Response to “Cara bara, bo bara”

  1. I stumbled on your blog from your comment on mine (glad to help btw), and as a fellow obsessee of all things Arrested Development I’ve been sucked in.

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