The birth of The Littlest Winslow

So here’s the deal…my first attempt at blogging (on my wonderful, albeit blindingly green MySpace page) didn’t really work out that much.  1. I don’t really use MySpace a lot because I’m too busy whoring myself on Facebook, and sending people funny “bulletins” and “e-beers” (damn you, Facebook applications. I love you AND I hate you…). and 2. I kind of forgot I even had a mini-blog there.

Which leads me to Cara and I being way awesome.  (Did I skip something there?) Let me explain…

Cara and I are way into pop-culture and the art of rad-ness.  Since we talk all day/every day on AIM instead of doing actual work, we come up with some pretty funny concoctions and life observations.  Most are pop-culture related, others aren’t.  But since we think we’re kinda rad…we thought others might too, and TA-DAH! The Littlest Winslow was born!

We’re going to try to keep up with it, and attempt to entertain fine folk like yourself, and the masses of middle-class ant-workers just like ourselves who really just want something clever and entertaining to read.

Cara and I will both be humoring you on a daily basis, so sit back, have that “safety spreadsheet” ready to whip out when your boss comes to your desk, and have a laugh.  Maybe even share some thoughts with us, because seriously…we’re just as bored as you are!

Here goes.  Hopefully it doesn’t suck.

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