Jessica Walter…former cougar?

We all know and love Ms. Jessica Walter as the tough-loving, vodka-drinking Lucille Bluth on the short-lived-but-oh-so-beloved Arrested Development (and if you don’t, go ahead and punch yourself in the face). I firmly hypothesize that Ms. Walter was a former COUGAR. You heard me right. First of all, if you don’t watch 30 Rock or simply don’t get it…check out Urban Dictionary’s definition of the word (and also, punch yourself again while your at it). Secondly, I say “former” because Walter was born in 1940, which means that she clearly was cougar-aged about 15 years ago, give or take. But hey, who’s counting?

As Lucille…


As a cougar…


She was probably a hot catch back in the dizzy, no? She’s 60s hot, and really…you can’t argue with that!


One Response to “Jessica Walter…former cougar?”

  1. Carl Winslow Says:

    Let’s not forget that she was in PCU as President Garcia Thompson…

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