J.J. Abrams…you don’t fool me!

We’ve all seen the trailer for Cloverfield, so I do not feel the pressing need to re-post it again here (go to Youtube already, you lazy bastards!) Ooooh! The mystery of it all! Is it a monster? An alien? Godzilla? Terrorists? Barney the Purple Dinosaur? Hardly.

C’mon. I think deep down we ALL know what really is to blame for the tearing off of Lady Liberty’s large steel dome.

Yeah, J.J. Don’t be coy with me. I know what you’re up to. You aren’t going to scare anybody anyways! No matter how “big and scary” your “monster” is, the build-up and hype of Cloverfield will eventually disappoint a few some most people anyways. So you went with the good ol’ Stay Puft Marshmallow man. A solid choice, my friend. And I think every 80’s child will be thrilled that their favorite baddie from Ghostbusters will be back in action again! Hell, maybe you are fooling me. Maybe this is a secretive way of producing a 3rd Ghostbusters flick without anyone knowing!

Should that be the case, Mr. Abrams….you big, me small.

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