Whoaaa, I never meant to braaag

Funny how I had just posted about Paramore, but it was just announced that they will be touring with none other than JIMMY EAT WORLD. Score.

I haven’t heard JEW’s new record, but I might go pick it up this week due to this astounding news. Jimmy Eat World are totally “high school revisited time” for me, but in the good way. So I don’t mind. Bleed American was definitely one of my top 5 albums in between the awkward, musically inclined years of 1998-2002 which made up my good ol’ high school career. Since I’ve never seen ’em live, this is the perfect opportunity (Ang, Maria…I’m lookin’ at you).

I can’t wait to be amongst a crowd where no one is older than 20, where about 98% of concert-goers are wearing Fall Out Boy t-shirts, and where youngsters will be holding hands and having their first kiss throughout the entire 2 hour show. Hmm…writing that makes me not want to go so much anymore…

Nope. I’m still there.

I’m on my feet, I’m on the floor, I’m good to go! So c’mon Davey! Sing me somethin’ that I know!

Fist in air. As always.


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