iiiii know what you’re thinking. CARA! where have you BEEN!? what have you been DOING?!
clearly, i have been busy predicting, suffering through, and reacting to heath ledger’s death.

i know what ELSE you’re thinking. you’re thinking: heath ledger is dead! he has a new little baby! and jake! how is jake handling this news?!

and i KNOW what you’re REALLY thinking, you shining beacon of selfishness. man, you’re thinking, SERIOUSLY with the bruce lee-ness?! SERIOUSLY?! i REALLY REALLY hope they kill off the joker in this movie. i REALLY hope so. WHAT does this mean for the batman franchise?!

what that means, my friend, is that i’ll see you in hell.

heath ledger

but in all seriousness, what an enormous shame.
rest in peace.


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