I feel inclined to at least say a little something about the nominations announced today (yesterday? meh…too lazy) for the most pretentious, highest honoring, best, most pretentious award show celebration around…THE OSCARS! For a full list of winners (and by that, I mean only the ones you’ll care about), check out EW’s little scoop here. It’s pretty straight forward. Michael Clayton. Atonement. Yada, yada yada. I was already somewhat bored just scanning down the major categories, until…wait a minute! What’s this? JUNO SHINED LIKE A BRIGHT LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD…or…A STAR…or something!

Some people claim Juno to be overrated, but whatever. Hype usually kills movies (Snakes on a Plane, anyone? Which by the way, fuck off!…I loved it) . However, it is my firm opinion that Juno totally lived up to the hype, delivering a solid somewhat dramatic, somewhat funny, yet totally realistic portrayal of teen pregnancy through the title character. I see it as being 100% deserving of the BEST PICTURE nod (WOO!) and also, Ellen Page’s Best Actress nomination. Where Little Miss Sunshine should’ve thrived, Juno pulls through! Most excellent.

I still have to see that “No Country For Old Men” movie, as well as Sicko, and a few others. So yes, I’ll be rocking the Netflix queue until Oscar time gets here. But kudos, Juno, Diablo, and Ellen. Kudos!

Snubs. Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion and Adrienne Shelly for Waitress. I loved that movie. Where’s the love here, people? Quirky, without trying too hard, Shelly’s pic about a waitress who hates her husband and accidentally starts a love affair with her Dr. was really done quite well. C’mon. “I Hate My Husband Pie,” “I Can’t Handle an Affair Because It’s Wrong & I Don’t Want Earl to Kill Me Pie”. Classic.

Another snub. Jennifer Garner for Juno. Yeah, whatever. So this is more of an “I ❤ Juno” post than an Oscars post. Whatever, bite me. But yeah…she rocked too.

As a movie fan, it’s sad that I’m only excited about one movie’s nominations. Actually…I’m still trying to comprehend why, just why, they gave Jennifer Hudson a golden statue for that atrocious Dreamgirls bit. Ugh.

ALSO, this just in from my co-blogger:
Cara: write me a blogology
Cara: blogologize for me.
Cara: god i’m so great.

She’ll be back soon, kids. The man calls for her. Hang tight. And Damn the Man! (I couldn’t resist…)

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