She’s baaaaack


So the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet 3 started last night with a somewhat uneventful 1-hour premiere.  The good news?  Coral Smith has returned!  I liked Coral during her season (Back to NY, Season 10).  Then she started to annoy me in the challenges.  Until I realized it was actually The Miz that annoyed me, and now I’m back to liking Coral (I hope she rips CT a new one…).  For a complete list of cast members, check this. Otherwise…onward I go.

I do get some flack still for continually watching The Real World and Road Rules, and the Challenges.  Or maybe the flack comes from me being able to name every cast member, from every season.  (I’ve been challenged on this.  I win every time.  Try me.)  Ever since watching countless marathons in the 4th grade, I haven’t been able to pull away.   I didn’t watch Key West because Austin was so mind-crushingly painful, but then Denver sucked me back in!  For some reason, I can’t NOT watch.  This may be my greatest pop-culture weakness.  My achilles heel if you will.  But they’re oh, so entertaining, and might I add, the least of reality evils.

Second thought: I should have just blamed the strike.  Dammit!

Word out on the street is that if G3 doesn’t rate high enough, The Challenges, as we know them, may be over in favor of more heavily scripted reality programing such as The Hills and Laguna Beach.  It’s too easy, and I’m going to pass on this grand opportunity of shit-talking proportions…Moral of: Hopefully G3 doesn’t suck as bad as Inferno 3 did or these shows are toast.

Last night’s premiere wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great.  Diem/CT are annoying.  Brooke is hot and is making out with chicks now.  Casey’s boobs are there, which is always a great thing.  And it’s good to see Brad back for another go because I was really rootin’ for him in The Duel.  Overall, I’m all for The Rookies.  Looks like The Vets might spontaneously implode and break themselves down.  Maybe the Rookies can get their game on and win the 300K in the end.

Other things I’d like to see:

Tori lose. and cry. and then go home.
Derek kick some muthatruckin’ ass.
A great Ev/Coral fight.
and Beth make some friends.



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