So we were talking about L O S T all day…

…which amongst a writer’s strike, is like the best thing everrr.  My friend Jess had this to say:

“My parents watched my turmoil while I was watching season 3 at home cuz after every crazy-good episode I’d run downstairs like screaming at my parents like LOST IS SO CRAZY I DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING BUT I LOVE IT AHHHHHHH.  One point  my mom heard me screaming in my room and came in to make sure I was ok.  Sure mom, I’m fine, but JACKS DAD IS REALLY CLAIRES DAD HOW DO YOU NOT SCREAM WHEN YOU FIND OUT THIS INFORMATION

yep, a clear indication of too much time spent with Nick.”

I think this quote is the perfect explanation of both the show…and myself.  Man, did I ROTFLOL when I read that!


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