I’m so clever with the blog titles. See, it’s “undercover”. And this is going to be about cover bands. I’m so smart that way. ahhhh

So check it. This weekend we went to Dewey’s Pub, in good ol’ Seymour, CT to check out my friend’s cousin’s band, who happened to have played (at least that night) all covers. It led me to this realization: I miss living in South Norwalk because I. Miss. Cover bands. Saturday Night Black Bear fans…UNITE.

Ok, first off, you always know all the songs. It’s like having a greatest-songs-ever-that-sound-even-better-when-you’re-wasted mixed CD being played ALL NIGHT. Multiple sets = multiple everything. More tunes, more fun, and most importantly…more drunken sing-a-longs (yup…I’ll get there).

Secondly, as you drink, cover bands loosen the crowd up. People seem nicer, talk more, and liven you up. People start being nice to total strangers…because hey! We all know the same songs! It really just makes the entire bar seem like one family. Cover bands bring people TOGETHER. (Alcohol might help with that too…)

The band we saw was called Exit 23 (I think…someone correct me if I’m wrong…cuz I was way wasted). Having grown up with the guitarist, we knew his music tastes going in: 80s metal. Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica, and more! The band played the classic usuals (ala Living on a Prayer, and the like), but seriously. I can’t think of a cover band that I’ve seen of late that played IRON MAIDEN – RUN TO THE HILLS. Rock. At about 10 beers, 3 pitchers, and 2 shots in…Run to the Hills led to our first singalong of the night, and it only went up from there (Judas Priest – Breakin’ The Law? AWESOME!).

Granted, SoNo is quite different from The Valley. I don’t think Exit 23’s set would’ve flown in the trendy, stuck-up bar called The Loft. But seriously, the song choices were the most rad picks and it turned out to be a GREAT night.

Word on the street is that Exit 23 will be playing in a few weeks at a bar called The Dew Drop Inn, in Derby, CT (I’ll post info when I get it). I recommend you come check it out, and raise your fists to your favorite 80s song of glory. I’ll be the drunk kid to your left, also raising my fist and probably standing on a table somewhere….

Hopefully I can remember more of the set list next time too.

*EDIT* Check out Me First and the Gimme Gimmes too while you’re at it!  They’re an all-covers super group (used lightly) consisting of guys from all different punk bands.  Great live shows too.

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