Whatever happened to…

We woke up on Sunday morning feeling quite hungover from the previous night’s cover band extravaganza. I couldn’t move, nor did I want to strain myself and the little energy I did have. Emily scurried downstairs to make me a delicious platter of eggs con queso, turkey bacon, and a Thomas’ English Muffin (nooks and crannies included). While hers was cooking, she came upstairs to find me staring at the wall, half sitting up, eyes open, desperately attempting wake my lazy ass up. “You could turn on the TV, if you want…” she said, waiting for me to do something that did not consist of staring at the wall. Clearly, I was not showing any signs of life yet.

And so I turned that TV on and got way more than I had bargained for. A glorious marathon of…



What really pulled us in was the episode entitled “One Hit Wonders,” in which EMF was throwin’ down some “Unbelivable” action. OOOOOOOOOH, I thought, pun intended. There was nothing else in the WORLD I wanted to do more than to watch countless hours of Pop-Up goodness.

You know you’ve struck gold when “One Hit Wonders” turns into “Metal Mania III”. First up, Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood.” It was almost as if the TV was programming its video content for ME. “LEAD SINGER ALERT” flashed on screen 7 times before a gorgeous blond chick Vince Neil pounced off a car like a cat and into view. And I was just starting to get comfy.

“Dr. F” was then followed by Judas Priest’s “Breakin’ The Law” (which we coincidentally heard the night before, as previously discussed), Metallica’s “The Memory Remains,” and then the cherry on top…”Round and Round” by Ratt.

WOW. What GENIUS. Whatever happened to this show? Where did it run off to? VH1 sometimes plays videos! Why can’t they play this 9 hours a day like they do with that atrociously exploitative Celebrity Rehab? (which I admittedly watch, more on this later…)

When all was said and done, that delicious egg platter had taken away a majority of my hangover, and my mood had been seriously lifted by the headbangers and one-hitters that I watched terrible neat vids from. I yearned for 1988.

We don’t need to discuss the downfall of MTV. But, at least we have you, VH1 Classic. Thank you for being a friend.

*edit* I was just reminded by my amazing-egg-cooker/partner-in-crime that the Pop-Up Video viewings had to come to a close because I was starting to feel nauseous, and my headache came back from reading all the little words.  Sadly, I cannot refute such a claim.


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