Why don’t I watch that show!?!?

Sarah Silverman.   I always avoided her for some reason, which might have stemmed from her annoying role in Mike White’s “School of Rock”.  Granted, it was supposed to be annoying, but alas…I still feared her nasally routines because I simply didn’t think I could handle it.  Then I saw her popping up here and there: making a few funnies on awards shows here, bashing Paris Hilton there, then gettin’ some laughs in a few other movies (note: she played “Raving Bitch” in “The Way of the Gun.” That’s probably what really boosted her career).

Then she got her own show on Comedy Central, which to this day, I still haven’t seen.   But then I saw this video, above.  The magic. The hilarity. The Damon.  I think this video was my “Eureka!” moment.  I need to Netflix this show, and I also need to stop Waitflixing “Jesus Is Magic”.  I just might have to jump on the Silverman Train.

Or how about her singing “You’re Gonna Die Soon” to a bunch of senior citizens at a retirement home.  Nice. REAL nice.




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