The B-52’s and other bands I should listen to more.

I admit it. The B-52’s have a new album…AND I CARE ABOUT IT. (There…that wasn’t so hard.) The new single “Funplex” is currently streaming on their MySpace and the album with the same title drops March 25th, 2008.

I think it’d be pretty lam-o if this album doesn’t at least get a few nods here and there. Yes, it’s pop. Yes, it’s 80’s. Yes, it’ll probably sound like all of their other albums (most of which are probably very forgettable.) But for some reason, I kind of care! (Which reminds me…I gotta track down “Cosmic Thing”). I could go on defending The B-52’s, but honestly, I don’t care enough. I could go on to defend Pop music, which sometimes takes a lot of unnecessary flack and heat, but that circle is oh, so far to walk around. I could also throw in a disclaimer that I own every old-school Metallica record, most Iron Maidens, and also the entire collection of “insert other major ass-kicking hard-rock/metal act here”. But why bother? I’m not ashamed, nor do I honestly give a fuck about what people think of my music collection or listening habits.

I will however strongly state the importance of a solid music education. My problem with Rap and Country (possibly the only two genres that I can claim to have said problem with…) is that its listeners pigeonhole themselves into that genre only. EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS! I don’t mind a little Chesney now and then, but for every Chesney record you own, go pick up The Clash’s London Calling or a Sonic Youth Greatest Hits! For every 50 (read: fitty) Cent record, check out a softer, singer-songwriter like Regina Spektor! Variety is the spice of life. And if it isn’t, there has to be a reason why that stupid phrase has struck metaphor gold.

While typing this little blog o’mine, I realized there’s a ton of acts I need to acquire more of, Sonic Youth and B-52’s included. Since I just received this book as a gift, I think I’ll be able to tackle those missing holes in my music education/collection. Black Sabbath, Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, ahoy! (…and maybe also a little Justin Timberlake and Ok GO as well…Melissa, Justified, now.)

SO: Here is what we’ve learned:


From TLW…”You’re welcome.”


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