Impress your new leading man.

Netflix recently launched a Valentine’s Day inspired website, offering recommendations for you to impress your new beau or gal with slick picks from the gool ol’ 90,000+ catalog. Though I always applaud the online-DVD-renting pioneers….surely they jest.

If you are trying to “Impress your new leading man,” NF suggests you rent him one of these 5 films:

1. Casino Royale
2. Old School
3. Swingers
4. Fight Club
5. Sideways

Casino Royale was probably the worst Bond movie I have ever seen. Two hours of watching a card game? Thanks, but no thanks.

Fight Club was ok, but stereotypical. And if I hear someone yell “The first rule of Fight Club is – you do not talk about Fight Club!” one more time…(and this includes seeing the posters everywhere – college kids: Fight Club posters will not make your dorm room a Mecca, but Family Guy ones will!). I mean, call me irresponsible, but fighting for no reason? The excess violence? Wait a minute…I love violence. I just didn’t love Fight Club.

Sideways. REALLY!?!?! Maybe if I was 50.

I dig Swingers, and I OBSESS over Old School. So I’ll give NF a 1.5 out of 5, but we can do MUCH better than this. Allow me to recommend 5 flicks of my own that ladies should watch with their lads, because seriously…how many times can you watch The Notebook?

1. I’ll see Netflix’s Old School recommendation…
2. …and I’ll raise you a Zoolander. These are truly the best and beginning of the Frat Pack regime.
3. The Godfather … is what I’m supposed to say, however, I’ll offer a movie that is much, much better. Robert De Niro’s A Bronx Tale. Aside from directing, De Niro stars as a father who’s trying to keep his son away from the Mafia that co-exists in their Bronx neighborhood. Chazz Palminteri shines as Sonny, the neighborhood Donnie C, and…fun fact…Weevil from Veronica Mars plays De Niro’s son! Just as good as The Godfather, without that cliche’d aftertaste.
4. Now, this list clearly needs its action-packed/kind-of-lame/but-lots-of-dudes-die-at-the-hand-of-the -hero-so-its-awesome film. Die Hard. Your pick. Any of the 4 will do.
5. Pulp Fiction. Amazing cast. Amazing director. Personally, I like Kill Bill a little better, but Pulp Fiction is so awesome that your girlfriend will get lost in its brilliant dialogue, get bored and fall asleep, leaving you alone with this pure, cinematic bliss.

Yeah, NF. WHAT UP.


One Response to “Impress your new leading man.”

  1. fight club is a sure winner, though probably not a good flick on the first date

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