“It’s mellow, but not smooth. Kind of shitty…JIMMY BUFFETT!!!”

My thoughts EXACTLY.

Rejoice! For there is a new YACHT ROCK EPISODE. Hollywood Steve, Michael McDonald, and Kenny Loggins are back in quite possibly the most underrated and unknown YouTube-Comedy phenomenon on the web.

If you aren’t familiar, Yacht Rock chronicles the life and love of Smooth Rock, as told through the stories of Loggins & Messina, Hall & Oats, The Doobie Brothers, and more, providing one of the funniest satires I have seen. EVER. Some of the greats include a face-off between L&M and H&O, a “regulating” Dr. Dre teaching Warren G. how to be gangster—and mean it, and also a hair band takeover that threatens the life of Smooth Rock as we know it! Bad, Diamond Dave, BAD!

Episode 11 (linked above) tells the story of how Kevin Bacon (“Care for a Me-L-T”?) and Jimmy Buffet trick Loggins into creating the theme song for Footloose. And oh yeah, Jason Lee plays Bacon. Thank God for YouTube and user-generated material or we wouldn’t have gems like these helping me procrastinate my life. I’m gonna go ahead and embed Episode 1 below so you can get a taste, but don’t forget to watch the rest of the eps, 11 in total!

Hollywood Steve is my favorite, with Hall & Oats a close second. And Loggins.

Dammit, I love them all.


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