There is hope for strippers EVERYWHERE.


Just this morning I said to myself, “Why does every story about Diablo Cody HAVE to start with the fact that she’s an ex-stripper?” But then I needed a title for this blog and the answer came to me: “Because it’s just too easy.”

Seriously though, how badass is it that she won? We all know I’m a huge Juno fan, but lets be honest…Ellen Page didn’t have a chance in hell, nor did the film have any shot at Best Picture. They were nice nods, but come on! Diablo had it in the bank ever since the noms came out, and I’m super glad she won. Great success!

It also wasn’t that surprising that No Country For Old Men pretty much swept. I still need to see it, but it was the anticipated “big winner.” And from those I know who have seen “There Will Be Blood,” I didn’t really expect that to win the Biggie.

Surprisingly, I watched the entire thing, as it turns out that watching a 3+ hour long Oscars ceremony is the perfect cure for a hangover that took me about 4 days to build up and it was also a quality method of procrastination for a Sunday night. Jon Stewart wasn’t bad. Although I wasn’t totally smitten by his antics, the night was overall quite enjoyable and a good deal less boring than past years. That’s gotta mean somethin’!

What was up with the Academy cutting off Marketa Irglova?!? She totally deserved to have a say and I’m glad they actually admitted fault and brought her back out! Glen Hansard didn’t even ramble on or take up all their time, so Marketa was very due, I thought.

After last night’s event…it dawned on me that I still need to see No Country, Once, and Michael Clayton. It also dawned on me that I need to recommend Away From Her to all. Directed by Sarah Polley, its the story of an elderly couple affected by Alzheimer’s and the pain/strife the husband goes through when his wife decides to check into a care center. It doesn’t sound good, but it was quite sad and touching at the same time.

Doit. Aight?


2 Responses to “There is hope for strippers EVERYWHERE.”

  1. she is the new mrs. hessler

  2. your mom Says:

    No. No you don’t need to see No Country for Old Men. It’s too arty and pretentious to be thought provoking.

    Also, when I saw you start this entry referring to Diablo Cody as a stripper I wanted to strangle you. I hate that every article I read about her talks of her being a stripper that turned into this smart quirky writer. Most of them fail to mention her journey into stripperdom that had her leaving her high paying copy writing career. Grrr. I’m not even sure why this bothers me so much but it does.

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