Friends blows. And here’s why.

I don’t understand why that horrid show was allowed to go on for 10. Grueling. Seasons. What network idiot allowed that to happen? Oh wait, it wasn’t NBC’s fault. It was ours. Because America is full of a bunch of boring, tasteless morons.

How come intelligent shows like Arrested Development barely scrape by, only to get cancelled a few seasons down the road? How come we reward trite and stereotypical bullshit by watching week after week, laughing at the SAME. JOKE.

If you didn’t notice…I’m bitter. A conversation amongst friends (no pun intended) went sour, and now I’m here to bitch my complaints to all who dare read them. Oh look, Joey is hitting on a girl with the same tagline. Again. OH! And Monica doesn’t like a mess! AHH! YOU GOT ME! Is this the best we can do!?!? And Ross is such a paleontologist! And that makes him dorky!

Kill me.

As always, my trendy and habitually predictable conversationalists once again brought Buffy up, to which I wrote back, “I’m not even talking about it! You’re the one bringing it up!” Sometimes I feel like I’m part of a different life form (“race” just doesn’t feel quite right). One that only favors good writing, and unpredictable characters. Gray areas, death of major characters, and a few surprises along the way. Is that so wrong?

I’m not going to tirade about the quality of Buffy. In fact, I try to avoid it for fear of this. same. conversation. But I will say that if liking Buffy is so wrong…I never want to be right. But at least I’m not watching a bunch of terribly unfunny New Yorkers sit on a couch, spitting out one-liners that supposedly encompass their entire characters because (hey now!) that line was just-so-Chandler!


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