Things to FREAK OUT over.

1. Thanks to KConn for passing this one on…but 24 will have a 2-hour PREQUEL in the fall to bridge the gap between the 6th and 7th seasons (and that ::coughTWOYEARGAPcough::). Jack will be back. And hopefully, he’ll be more badass than ever. And hopefully it will be nothing like Season 6, which was a totally ungrateful leech, sucking the life out of my precious time. I have faith though. Bring on the Jack (and Tony! AHH!)

Quite possibly the gayest picture of Tony ever? I think soooo. But I still love him.
2. Guinness, the New Haven Parade, and The Pogues. It’s March. And that clearly means drink barrel fulls of Guinness and pretend that you’re Irish so you can act drunk in public. I’m not Irish, but I LOVE Guinness AND acting drunk in public…so March is quite a good month for me. While you’re at it (Music recommendation in 5….4….3….2…) check out The Pogues. Perfect for the Irish season and perfect if you’re a fan of traditional Irish tunes, punk, The Clash, or anything else along that spectrum.
3. Me going to California. Yeah, this doesn’t relate to you at all, or affect your life in anyway…BUT I’M GOING TO CALI SUCKAAAS. I’ll give you a buzz when its 75 degrees out and I’m laying on the beach.
I’m serious, I might just be a dick and call some of you…wasted…from a beach. Sorry in advance.

One Response to “Things to FREAK OUT over.”

  1. Oh my god. I’m going to California too!
    In July, though.
    And in a totally different part of the state.
    Still seems like a coincidence to me!

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