How I Met Your Mother is highly underrated.

That said, Britney Spears is scheduled to guest star in an upcoming episode. And surprisingly, I don’t think this is the worst thing ever. I mean, Brit just might grab a few laughs. Personally, I didn’t think her SNL hosting job was bad at all!

Apparently the Southern Bell desperate-for-pay singer will play the assistant of a doctor that Ted begins dating (who will be played by Sarah Chalke, who is just lovely).

I own Seasons 1 and 2, and flew through watching them on DVD. NPH really made quite the comeback! And Alyson Hannigan? What’s not to love about her? She is fabulous (just. fought. urge. to. use. “fab.”). Though I havn’t seen any of Season 3, I’ll work my DVR to the max so I can watch it in order.

Catch it sometime.

Nick tested. TLW approved.


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