The two most superficial, materialistic, yet life changing thingies in my life.

wtf kind of title is that?


Anyways…I know I’ve said this before, but I was clearly late to the world of DVR. Looking back, I don’t understand how or why I allowed myself to be a slave of the Networks, sitting attentively whenever and wherever they told me.

If you think about it…it’s almost ABSURD that you should HAVE to be in front of a TV when they tell you to just to see a show! Where is the consumerism in that? The freedom? The choice? I love my DVR. Yes, it’s making me get into shows I NEVER would’ve watched before-hand, but hey…we all need a little bad TV to break up our insane work days and pressures from every day life, no? (But Curtis, I draw the line at Housewives of the OC or anything else on the network Bravo).

DVR, check.

Next up: the iPod car hook-up. I just got a new-ish car (an 06 Honda Civic Coupe, which already has a motherfuckingcrackedwindshieldARRRRG), and I finally have my iPod hooked up in the car. WOW. Talk about life changing! Granted, it kind of makes me A.D.D. because I change the song once every 2 minutes, but hey. The ability to have that much music on my long voyage to hell Stamford, CT wins.

How did I ever survive!?!?!?! HOW DID I LIVE!?!?!?

Goodbye, CDs. It was fun.

/pointless rambling


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