Welcome back, Liz. Welcome back.

Pitchfork tells me that Liz Phair is reissuing “Exile in Guyville” and signing to ATO records! This is wonderful news. Let’s look at this pic of my favorite Phair record while you, the reader, lets this sink in.

Here we go:

mmm, old school Liz.

If there’s one music term I hate, its the term “sell out”. Most people use it to refer to an artist who has decided to change musically, i.e., not release the same bullshit that made them a star to begin with. Most “sell outs” are called so when they are trying to grow and change, to offer the world of music fans something different. Yanno, to show their chops. What they can really do.

However: Liz, my friend, you SOLD. OUT. Plain and simple.

That shit you put out on Capitol Records was BOGUS. “Why Can’t I” ?!? WHAT?? Did you forget who you were? Did you forget why people admired you? Or did you just want an easy pay day? Conveniently…”Why Can’t I” ended up being placed in every romantic comedy of that year. Lame.

However, I won’t hold it against you forever, Miss Phair. I’ll be back once you release some more solid material. Let’s go back to being Whip Smart, and play me some clever and edgy acoustic material that you do so well.

Pitchfork’s news is amazing though. Once Liz puts out a new record, we can mentally delete her 2 Capitol releases from canon, and move on to bigger and better things.

This seems really anti-Liz, but I assure you…this is POSITIVE news! Clap it up for Phair, people.


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