My internet usage: A healthy hobby, or a stimulant for my self-inflicted OCD?

“Ok, self,” I said to…well, myself, this morning at 9:30a.m. “Gonna get some solid work done today. Homework, work-work, bang out a few things I’ve been working on.”

Yeah. Right.

First things first: Check my gmail. Because if I don’t check it about once every 5 minutes…I’ll miss out on something mega.

Second: Came on here to post about my mini-convo with The Donnas, because hey, “that’ll only take like, a second!.”

Wrapped that up and started my Outlook (aka, my work email) and checked it about 90 later. Eh. Long story short: I checked the No Doubt Community, checked out Vevmo, checked my Google Reader, and let myself get distracted once again.

Is it possible for me to concentrate while online? At school, I used to unplug the internet cord to get actual work done. I can’t do that now! I’m stuck falling through the rabbit hole onto bigger, better, and more important/totally unnecessary items of pop culture fancy.

I might not be clinically OCD, but the Internet makes me feel otherwise. What if someone posted a reply to that thread I created about ____________ on the Donnaholics/NDC/Vevmo/IMDB forums? What if I miss a piece of interesting news or tour info because I’m not checking my Google Reader as it automatically updates! WHAT IF I MISS OUT BECAUSE I DIDN’T SUCCUMB TO MY ONLINE OCD (OOCD?).

Surely, the world will explode.


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