I’m leaving my girlfriend for Amazon Kindle.

Screw, iTunes. Kindle’s in town.

I’m late to this. I really should’ve checked this out a while back reading Lefsetz rant about it.

It’s FANtastic!

You download a program that is their “Amazon Downloader,” or whatever (I’m a stickler for details, can ya tell?). All the tracks are DRM-free. This means Amazon isn’t telling you what to fuckin’ do with the music YOU PAY FOR.


Fuck, iTunes. Fuck, iTunes hardcore. Yeah…they’re doing away with DRM. Eventually. Slowly and eventually. And charging MORE for it.

After an intense conversation regarding The English Beat, I just bought another English Beat record and it only cost $8.97. (I bought “Wha’ppen”)

I will 100% use Amazon for all full-album purchases I do online and I wanted to share my positive experience with you in hopes that you’ll think of Amazon next time you buy music online. iTunes isn’t the ONLY digital music retailer now so shop around and explore Kindle.

‘Cuz seriously, I’m in love.


One Response to “I’m leaving my girlfriend for Amazon Kindle.”

  1. the Kindle reminds me of something i saw in an old school Star Trek episode, which is a good selling point… and it’s so thin!

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