Honestly, I wish I could take a picture for you.

Today is the last day to get your taxes in. So hopefully if you’re reading this, you’re already finished and not saying “oh. SHIT.” in your head.

That said, lets talk a bit about the tax office on the corner of Summer and Main in good ol’ Stamford, CT. Obviously, they can help you with your taxes because they’re some sort of tax-y place (I know nothing about this hoopla). However, the key thing to note is the black gentleman that dresses up as Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty.

Now, I’m sure that there are other places that promote and market like this. Zany costumes, fun-loving people doing jigs in the street. But I had never seen one until last year.

This this dude dresses up and dances around and walks up and down the street and such. But on most days…he doesn’t seem quite happy. He seems rather grumpy, now that I mention it. Is there anything funnier than a dude dressed up as Uncle Sam, with a scowl written all over his face? Oh boy, does it make me chuckle sometimes. And don’t even get me started on his angry days as the freedom statue!

I honestly wish I could take a picture. As I walk past him on a daily basis to get my coffee (and today, a free donut!) at Dunkin Donuts, he’s always just hangin’ out and chattin’ with the (other) crazies. Is it really so bad, Sam? You get to enjoy the sunshine all day and walk around outside while I sit in my chair staring at a screen.

Enjoy life, Lady Liberty. Enjoy it for me.


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