Remembering “Sarah Marshall”

Blog? What blog? Ooooh, that Winslow thing. AHHH! ihaven’twritteninWEEKS. Oops. I’ll try not to suck anymore. So let’s begin.

The latest Apatow-produced film, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” definitely isn’t a flick to forget. I rather enjoyed it! Yes, it’s not as immature and aloof as “Knocked Up.” And it isn’t high school fare, ala “Superbad.” However, Apatow and his crew are on to something. A movie can be a chick flick, yet still be funny enough to attract the guys. And they won’t even feel like they were dragged into that theater seat either!

If you are Judd Apatow, or one of his regulars, this surely = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

It’s a fine line to walk, but “Sarah Marshall” is yet another example of the edgy-chick-flick genre that “Knocked Up” seemed to begin. And that crew, man. They’re on to something! (That trailer for “Pineapple Express” looked pretty damn spiffy too!)

Personally, I think I laughed more than the “older crowd” in the audience that rainy Sunday afternoon, but who can resist a grown (naked) man crying pathetically. Especially if it’s Jason Segal, who wrote the movie too! (sidebar: Just saw a commercial for “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” which could arguably be the forefather of the Apatow movies. I’d accept that debate, I suppose).

Mila Kunis. I wasn’t thinking of Jackie (That 70’s Show) while watching her “Rachel” on screen. Good for her.

Kristen Bell. We all already know how I feel about her. (What a smoking body, though)

Go see “Sarah Marshall”. It’s a good date movie. It’s a good comedy. It’s an all-around winner.

Next up: Harold and Kumar. If I’m sober enough post-viewing (read: If I remember seeing it), I’ll keep ya posted.  (Maybe my next entry can be titled “Remembering Harold and Kumar,” except next time, it won’t be a play on the original title.)


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