Bottom of the 9th, two outs, and ’30 Rock’ is at the plate

When Tina Fey’s ’30 Rock’ started, it was a diamond in the rough. An original, fascinatingly funny sitcom-esque tale of the behind-the-scenes of a network television show. Fey’s dorky wit, paired nicely with Tracy Morgan’s borderline-retarded Tracy Jordan, Jane Krakowski’s dim witted blonde Jenna Maroney, Alec Baldwin’s…well, just how do you describe Donaghy?

Every character had something special to offer, and with an entire “writing team” of secondary characters, the humor was always new and fresh, with each joke being vastly different from the last.

But I’m kind of bored now. And it’s only Season 2. That’s not a good sign! Even though I’ll positively watch ’30 Rock’ til its end (which is hopefully on Fey’s terms), something is missing, man! What (or who) is to blame? The writer’s strike? The writers themselves? I can’t seem to pinpoint what is missing exactly. The Office has been mediocre for me too. And Lost has been meh all year. It could very well be the mid-season disruption that is leaving this gentle viewer unfulfilled (lookie, a Jane Espenson nod!).

It’s game time, Fey! The ‘hit or miss’ conundrum needs to end. We know you’re funny. The show is and can be even super-er. Fantastical! Beyond our wildest dreams! When on, 30 Rock is ON. But for every ball hit out of the park, 1 or 2 episodes strike out.

And that sucks.


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