Please God, don’t let it be true

Apparently, I was oblivious until someone at Vevmo started a thread about it, but the Weinsteins are gung-ho about re-booting the Scream franchise….except there’s no word on who will come back to the series. Can this be done without the creative genious duo of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson. I mean…we all saw how THREE turned out. Why then would we venture out to further destroy and alienate the story and its fans?

And let’s not even talk about the money it’ll take to get all 3 of the major players: Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette.  And honestly…if one of their characters would :::gasp::: be brutally murdered in a cheap, rushed, thrown together HACK of a sequel….a part of me would DIE inside. Just DIE.

So there aren’t any confirmed details…but a green light has been given. If it sees the light of day, I’ll totally be there opening night…I would just prefer not to..

And now for the Top however-many-reasons-I-can-come-up-with-at-the-top-of-my-head Reasons Why Scre4m should NOT be made:

1. Sidney’s story is told.  Her mother’s indiscretions have been settled. Paid for. Kaput. Donezo. They can no longer base…no…JUSTIFY…a third sequel based around Sidney’s story or mother.

2. Loomis and his mom are dead, and so is Roman. Everyone involved in that entire “bloodbath that has rocked the nation” are a bunch of GONERS. Can Sid possibly have MORE people that hate / want her dead? Let’s keep a sense of realism to this, folks!

3. A direct-to-dvd sequel will not do it justice, and it will debase the series to the likes of Wrong Turn 2, Cruel Intentions 2 (and 3, ugh), and any other series that was raped for its title alone. Scream is too important in the genre of horror/slasher to be treated with such disrespect.

4. …Because it simply wouldn’t be right without Neve, Courtney and David. However, like I said, if one of their characters dies, so will I. Hypothetically, metaphorically, and in any other way that is fake and exaggerated. See also: Point 1.

4. We’re doing a Top 4. Because that’s all I got right now, yo’.

And this probably won’t be the last of me lamenting about the possible Scre4m movie…let’s hope those Weinstein bastards come to their senses.


3 Responses to “Scre4m!?!?”

  1. Hey go with Scream 4…just no direct to DVD

  2. […] a fourth movie that would possibly kick off a brand new trilogy. I, a diehard Scream fan was against it. Over the course of time, new light has been shed on the project, making me slighly more […]

  3. If the aim is to re-define the rules for the new generation, they fail completely, as this feels just like a cash-in exercise and an excuse to revive something by re-hashing and regurgitating everything that we have already seen.
    Behind all the talk about going against the clichés and trying to ridicule the various the character-less horror of the last few years, there is actually very little new. There a sense of Déjà-vu throughout and (aside from its far fetched ending) it is all rather predictable in its non-predictability.
    Admitting a theft (or a reference) may ease the conscience, but it certainly doesn’t make it OK, nor it makes it a good film…. Also, it might make it funny, but certainly not scary!!
    I LOVED the first Scream, but this is just tired.


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