Big Brother, Big Sucker…

Though a tad embarrassing, I must admit that I’ve been sucked back into Big Brother for the first time since Season 2. And now, I am a Big Sucker.

Though Reality television is never noble (both for those involved and for the viewers), it’s always deliciously entertaining. In just the first week, we saw Jerry take the first HoH, Brian make an alliance with almost everybody in the friggin’ house, and then the ENTIRE house turn on Brian, put him up for eviction, and boot his ass out!  And this was JUST week one!

Reality TV always seems to deliver. Partly because the casts are such train wrecks and partly because the editing process will make it entertaining even if it isn’t. However, Big Brother is just addicting as hell. I’m not about to dethrone Survivor (the best Reality show everrrrrr, even better than The Real World), but expect updates and conversation throughout the summer re: my new guilty pleasure.

And oh yeah…I blame Curtis for getting me addicted again. And you better keep your end of the bargain!

And oh yeah:

1. I hope Jerry wins.

2. I hope Jessie gets evicted ASAP. (Did he have to win the Head of Household competition? ugh)


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