My quest for the most perfect lunchbox.

I’ve been wanting a sweet lunchbox for awhile. Back in the day, I had a pretty kickin’ Jurassic Park one. Third grade to be exact. It had the scene on it when the T-Rex tries to eat the little kids in the truck. Ok, not so cool looking back, but at the time it was so Pop-Culturally relevant! And I was only fucking seven, so go easy on me!

(You may see this lunchbox here: but only for 5 more days…until the Ebay auction runs out. It wouldn’t let me steal the pic.)

In an interview for EW, Seth Green said that he had a G.I. Joe lunchbox. Cool. AND, he added, he had the THERMOS too! Cooler.

Because I wish I still had my Jurassic Park box (it gave me many long years and many delicious lunches…it was very good to me),  I want a new lunchbox. One that goes above and beyond the call of duty.  One that will be a great friend when times are tough.

I’m a huge fan of this Serenity one:

Pros: It’s the best part of the film Serenity EVER. Cons: Colors are somewhat girly, and I couldn’t decide between this one….aaaaand THIS ONE:

To buy both would totally condescend my quest for the PERFECT lunchbox. Buying both would be a selfish feat. Also, I’m not necessarily married to Serenity while on said lunchbox quest…and I also don’t want to rush a work of art.

I don’t really know what to do here, folks. In a perfect world, I could nab something vintage like:

But collector’s items are friggin’ pricey nowadays! And this one here is located in Canada (hey! those shipping prices are outrageous!).

Which route do I go? Follow my Serenity instincts? Search for Optimus Prime? Try to summon my inner Michelangelo?

I just don’t know what to do. Ideas are needed and suggestions, always welcome.


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