Kim Bauer to return to 24?

That’s right, kids. Michael Ausiello reports in the new EW that producers are “toying with” the idea of bringing Kim back for Day 7. And if this happens…she’ll return upon the season’s “climax”.


Most 24 fans have mixed feelings for the blonde haired, mostly-dim-witted Kim. Producer Jon Cassar was quoted saying that they have a “massive amount of pressure” when Kim is brought up in conversation because they have to write her in a way so that the entire audience won’t want her decapitated. My words, not his.

Kim Bauer is aaalmost a moot topic of 24 discussion. Most hate her, but really, I blame the writers. I mean, they had her leaving L.A. and getting caught in a cougar trap.  Then she wound up in a weird dude’s bomb shelter basement, only to later be further pursued by a bad dad looking to abuse his family. In the course of Day 2, it was a lot of ‘WHO CARES!’ storylines with many poor decisions all one after another. Clearly, the character can’t be blamed for the TERRIBLE WRITING.

Personally, I look forward to the next daddy/daughter reunion, especially with how Day 5 ended their story. Let’s just hope the writers can get it right this time.


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