I’m such a sucker for cheap DVDs.

The buy 1/get 1 deals ALWAYS pull me in, even if there aren’t that many great choices.

HOWEVER…I found a couple decent choices and for 7 dollars total, I picked up Identity and The Mothman Prophecies.  Are they the greatest?  Maybe not. But they both are pretty solid deals for 3.50 each! The Mothman story is intriguing, while Identity has a killer cast, and steady action throughout.  (And Identity will always be heralded as “the scariest movie ever” by my friend Ern. She’s silly.)

I continued…finding Sleepers on sale for 7 bucks. SCORE. Amazing cast, amazing story…its a MUST SEE if you haven’t already.

Since I was all of a sudden in a shopping mood, I further progressed down the aisles to see what else I could buy that I probably shouldn’t. What else did I definitely not need, but made me oh-so-giddy to find?


I don’t know why owning this movie was so important…but when I saw it on the shelf for a mere 10 dollars, I couldn’t resist.  I’ve been meaning to buy the “From Crystal Lake to Manhattan” box set (and I will…eventually), but this space-fronted horror film even beats that pesky Leprechaun’s venture into the far yonder.



One Response to “I’m such a sucker for cheap DVDs.”

  1. i love the amazon deals where some dvds cost no more than a dollar!! after adding a few the shopping cart does add up!

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