My new phone is better than you.

I bought a new phone because my Razr was crapping out on me. My almost-two-year old Razr had a life of about 4-5 hours and it just wasn’t hackin’ it anymore. So I plundered down to Verizon and picked up a phone that I like better than most of my friends:

The LG Voyager is, to sum, the shit. Web browser, Mobile IM, 2.0 Megapixel camera, and tons of other fun and assorted goodies. It’s got a full Qwerty keyboard so I can text like an even crazier maniac, and feel like Veronica Mars while doing so. Since I re-upped my plan, I’m now officially unlimited with texts and pix msgs.  Beware.

I checked out the Dare and enV…but the Voyager really comines the powers of both into one gadget of awesomeness. Yes, the touch screen isn’t AS good as the iPhone…but overall, this phone is pretty freakin’ sweet. And since I have Verizon and the iPhone isn’t an option for me, the Voyager is a solid choice for my cellular activities.

Therefore: My new phone is better than you.


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