Dr. Horrible brings his horribleness to Hulu

Now that I’ve finally watched all 3 parts of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog about 3 times each, I can finally promote it with concrete evidence of its awesomeness, instead of just saying, “Watch this because it’s Joss Whedon and shut the fuck up.”

It’s on Hulu now, so you can stream it for free here or you can still purchase it on iTunes for a meager $3.99.

Soooo, like I said: NPH plays a supervillain (Dr. Horrible) and is planning on getting back at his nemesis, Captain Hammer (Firefly/Serenity’s Nathan Fillion). Felicia Day plays Penny, Dr. Horrible’s love interest who Captain Hammer steals! Dr. Horrible sets out to win Penny back, destroy Captain Hammer, and seek initiation into the EVIL LEAGUE OF EVIL!

And it’s a musical.

If that doesn’t pique your interest, you’re stoopid.

Just kidding, but check it out anyways, aight?


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