Hank Moody lives the American dream.

David Duchovny’s Hank Moody (“Californication”) does, in fact, live the American dream.

Coined “The Walking Id” by his ex-girlfriend Karen (Natascha McElhone), Moody walks around banging hot chicks and avoiding his agent. His agent is pissed ‘cuz he’s not writing, his ex-girlfriend is pissed because he hits on her in front of her new beau, and quite often, his one-night-stands are pissed because frankly, he’s just a fucking asshole.

I think Moody’s on to something: a walking id. What guy wouldn’t want to be a walking id? To do whatever you want, whenever you want, and take no shit from anyone.

That sounds rad. And so is “Californication.”


3 Responses to “Hank Moody lives the American dream.”

  1. I’m a chick, and i want to be a walking id. i wouldn’t mind banging Moody either.

  2. In response to Jules….I second that emotion. I want to be a walking ID too. And bang Moody several times!!!

  3. Well, hey! I didn’t mean to say that “chicks” (Jules’ word, not mine) couldn’t be walking Ids!

    Walking Ids for EVERYONE!

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