This one’s for my homies.

So good news, folks! The Littlest Winslow might be getting a new contributor! Cara and Smithington are dead in the water, so I’m hiring begging Master Maffa to pop in from time to time to give her 2 cents.

So this beer’s for you Maffa, which reminds me of a conversation we had this morning, actually!

Martha: “dont even think about pouring a beer out for me (your homie) whiile ur at the pool with curtis”

Why do people do that? Snoop does it. Dre does it. When did this all start? What is the origin of the beer pour for our “homies?”

If I had anyone to ask about this strange occurrence, believe me, I would. Wasting alcohol is bad. It’s like…the Eleventh Commandment or something. It’s like…the Eleventh Amendment.

Overall: it’s whack, yo.

So yes, Maffa. I will not waste any precious alcohol in your name. It’s not because I don’t like you, God knows I do.


One Response to “This one’s for my homies.”

  1. maffmurph Says:

    A few weeks ago i saw the guy from Naughty By Nature (not cause i hate-ya) pour hennessy over his Tupac tattoo on his arm….CLAHHHHSSSSIICCCCC

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