God I love Fridays….

Nick  continues to blog about what is important in music and reality (trash) television, both of which are his passions. My passion? procrastination…time wasting…coffee….burritos.

I LOVE FRIDAYS WHEN MY BOSS IS ON VACATION!!!! This is the second week in a row (next week will be the third) that my boss has taken a vacation day on Friday.  To me this means: I don’t stress about getting to work before 9…I come in right around 9:15. On a normal day I stop at Starbucks on my way in- provided I have enough time.  On these glorious days I settle into my desk then go out to grab a breakfast burrito (mmmm burritos… more on those guys later, I’m sure) and Starbucks with my co-worker Bill and then we tap dance our way back to the office (okay, we  don’t actually tap dance, we just take our time walking back)

For the rest of the day I’ll try to be productive- service some members- but let’s face it I’ll probably facebook for a bit (by a bit I mean all day)  then send my co-worker, Bill, clips from youtube.


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