New Music Monday presents: Mindless Self Indulgence – “If”

If you blend the vocals of Rage Against the Machine with the industrialism of Nine Inch Nails, add just a spice of The Faint, and blend the attitude of Eninem then TA DAH! You get Mindless Self Indulgence.

MSI may not be new for some, but most I feel don’t know of the kickin’ genre benders. Some friends and I checked out a stop on their last tour for the new album “If” and it was quite a showing. “If” is a killer record. MSI, a killer band. I’m not exactly sure why they don’t get more notoriety for A) not being sellouts and B) doing exactly whatever the fuck they want, but damn do they deserve it.

“If” is a hard album to categorize (cuz…see the description of the band above? You try it…). But over a few pistachios and an ice cream with my good friend Doom, we decided that “If” was the best work by MSI because the band has finally perfected the song structure and melodies needed to successfully create a solid and well put together album.

Album highlights include:

1. “Get It Up,” who’s lyrics run “I wanna make some babies / I wanna get it on / I wanna make you horny
but I can’t get it up”

2. “I Never Wanted to Dance,” a seemingly sweet song about never wanting to dance “with nobody but you,” until the lyrics end with “wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer you fucking bitch.” Aww. How sentimental.

3. “Lights Out” – “Punch your lights out / hit the pavement / that’s what I call entertainment”

I urge my fellow TLW readers to check out the band’s MySpace and get a feel for what the band is about.

I deem them the most underrated, kick-ass band who can not only kick your ass, but make you enjoy it too.



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