OMG: Return to Sleepaway Camp RELEASE DATE!


And now I present to you…the trailer of Return to Sleepaway Camp! The fourth film in the the best slasher-horror series EVER  WARNING: the following trailer is quite suggestive/partly shows many death scenes in the film. Be warned, but fuckin’ watch this shit anyways!

Cover Art!

The DVD hits stores OCTOBER 21st, so mark your calendars! Pre-orders can be made at Amazon, as always…yet I’m going to wait and make the Release Date Pilgrimage to the retail store of my liking. I’m old school like that.

LASTLY on the Sleepaway Camp front: Check out Final Girl’s blog about the series! This post has her “Some Things I Love About Sleepaway Camp” and I couldn’t agree more about. About everything. Final Girl – YOU WIN.

LET THE ANTICIPATION BEGIN! More SC to follow, like every day.


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