The iphone, and my long standing love love love (hate) relationship with apple

To begin I’ll start with a confession: I’ve never owned a p.c.
I learned to use microsoft word when I was 20. Before that all my word processing was done on claris works (later apple works)
I learned what “right click” meant just a few months back.
My parents had a box of a Macintosh Performa 400 until they got an ibook in 1999.
And despite the hardships I faced converting files/papers for professors my first years of college I still love apple…and I’m a snob about it.

All that in mind this is the long awaited (for nick) review of my new iPhone…don’t expect it to be objective.

A lot

It froze on me twice already though, maybe I should be more disapointed?
The battery dies easily If you have in 3G all the time. And there just so many things to click and play with that it drains fairly easily…which I have to say I expected. (But try here for meghan asha’s tips for saving battery.)

I am having some problems with Mobile Me- formerly .mac….But I think that stems from me not setting it up correctly back when I started my .mac account…and not having a good, steady internet connection.

I’m not sure that I can actually send a picture text anymore, which is mildly annoying.  You can email a pic directly from your phone however, since I don’t have my mobile me set up correctly my contacts don’t all have emails.

All in all I still have a lot to learn about my new toy but so far I’m in loooove I’m in Love and I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS IT!

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