a tight roll and decent distribution….

mmmmm burritos.

I’ve been telling nick for months that I’ll blog about my most favorite and least favorite burritos in the downtown area. Maybe you are surprised to know that there are plenty of places to grab a burrito in Boston on your lunch hour….but really why would you be? Boston is, after all, Beantown (hahah oh I’m bad)
Ok, so I guess if you want a more comprehensive look at Burritos in Boston (and BEYOND) check out burrito blog, which nick has a link to somewhere, this here is strictly my personal opinion and my personal tastes in burritos. (not to mention the burritos available to me on foot from work)
Boloco- Stands for Boston Local Company Formerly “Its a Wrap”.  Anyway Boloco is a chain, their burritos are decent. You get a variety of choices of fake burritos (like buffalo and chicken Cesar wraps).  The real burrito is actually really good, but I always have to swap the pinto beans out for black beans and add hot sauce and extra salsa, sometimes some guac.  Basically if you know how to work it, you can get a generally good burrito.  (Plus they havea a soda fountain)

Al Mercantino-Located at Faneuil Hall food court. I can’t begin to describe how disappointing this place is….A sloppy wrap leads to a huge mess and lets face it, a burrito is supposed to be a utensil free meal.  Another reason I look down on this place is, the rice.  The rice is very much NOT vegetarian, which is usually alright, cooking in their own chicken stock gives the rice more flavor. But seriously, what is the point of ordering a vegetarian burrito if you end up with shreds of chicken in your rice anyways?? Sick.

Burrito Express-Apparently this place won Boston Magazines Best of Boston for Burritos, so I obviously had high expectations when my coworker and I ventured to the hole in a wall joint across from State Street Financial Building.  The girl at the counter was really nice and I was really excited to try out my steak burrito.  Was I ever disappointed.  The girth on this burrito was almost obscene, the overall flavor was bland, i could barely tell if I had a bite with steak in it or just straight up rice and beans.  Also the distribution of ingredients was terrrrrible.  All of my guac was in the last three bites and the salsa wasn’t even IN the burrito but in a portion cup  on the side.  I guess cause of the size its decent bang for your buck but that’s the only good thing I can say about it.

Herraras My favorite overall, their golden rice is both vegetarian and flavorful.  They have a variety of different hot sauces, and even offered cooked tomato salsa when the whole  salmonella contaminated tomato fiasco occur ed a few weeks back.  Herraras has two burrito carts, one at downtown crossing near TJX and another at the Transportation building behind my Dad’s store and Emerson Dorms….yanno the Alley on Boylston, yea down there. Their permanent structure is off Tremont near Lambert’s Market,  but I don’t remember the street name.


So there you have it….Herraras, my fav so far…..I know I have yet to try Ana’s Tacqueria which apparently is the mecca of burritos in town- but from my limited (and apparently snobby taste in burritos) experience Herraras is IT.

4 Responses to “a tight roll and decent distribution….”

  1. you are so bad.

  2. Stephania Says:

    boston has nuthin’ on a good burrito in socal….

  3. maffmurph Says:

    Not saying it does, not saying it doesn’t.
    Have you found a decent cupachowda out there stephie?

  4. John Pepper Says:

    hey, nice post, and we love being included – plus, it earned you a couple free burritos – real or fake, your choice 🙂
    Seriously, we just believe that the tortilla wants to be a lot more than full of beans, rice and cheese, and that’s why we try to innovate within. The ingredients are anything but fake – naturally-raised poultry and meats, organic tofu, and sauces and salsa made from scratch every day. And our smiling faces hopefully seem pretty real too!
    Email me back with your mailing address and we’ll pop a Boloco Card with some goodies loaded on –

    CEO and Co-Founder

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