I totally should’ve seen Pineapple Express instead

So we wanted to check out a movie and amongst the following options, Pineapple, Tropical Thunder, and Mirrors…we went with Stiller’s war movie spoof. Great cast, trailer looked fantastic…awesome right?


Ok, so remember the Family Guy episode when Stewie watches “Bewitched” with Will Ferrell. Upon finishing the movie he goes to the computer, books a flight to LA, goes to the airport, flies across the country, finds transportation to a hardware store, purchases a ladder, goes to Ferrell’s house, puts the ladder up to the door so he can ring the doorbell, only to punch Ferrell in the face and scream: “THAT WAS NOT FUNNY!”


Tropical Thunder sucked. Hardcore. It was entertaining enough to A) not warrant a walkout and B) not be painful to watch, but nevertheless, it was just NOT. FUNNY.

High Points:

1. Tom Cruise was fantastic, until they totally killed his one joke.

2. Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic as well.

Low Points:


Are ya pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

Wait for DVD kids. Or rather, just go see Pineapple Express if you’re shopping for some laughs. That’s where I’ll be next week.


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