Who watches the Watchmen?

Well, if the movie sucks as bad as the book did…hopefully no one watches the Watchmen.

Ok, wait. Come back. That was way harsh. And I’m going to be virally attacked by Alan Moore fans everywhere. And that won’t be helping anyone (read: ME).

I had a lot of problems with the graphic novel of Watchmen. I can definitely see how it would’ve been hailed as groundbreaking 20+ years ago, but it left me yearning for a little more character development and a little more subtlety. I felt like all the characters were literally saying everything that they literally meant. It. Was. So. Literal. And I felt the characters also made really huge decisions in like 2 seconds flat—we weren’t allowed to really get a gist of their thought processes in the way I would’ve liked.

The Tales of the Black Freighter graphic novel-in-the-graphic novel annoyed me. The newspaper vendor character annoyed me. Some of the inserts were way too long with no sense of purpose…that annoyed me.

I think that the story was really quite intriguing: A behind the scenes look at the heroes behind the masks in a world where they have, in some ways, hurt society more than helped. A look at some of the lesser-moral (and sometimes atrociously evil) masked crusaders parading around thinking in their heart of hearts that they are doing good for the world. This story, if perfected and adapted well, could really cash in at the box office and go down in history.

Although I hated 300, I have faith that Zack Snyder will be able to take this one home. And even though I was mildly disappointed in the novel, I both respect it and think it will make a fantastic flick.

Honestly, I still can’t get over how badass that trailer is!


2 Responses to “Who watches the Watchmen?”

  1. Is this a new movie coming out? Also, I’ve never heard of the Watchmen.

  2. Check out the trailer I have hyperlinked. Yes, its a movie coming March 09, and its from a graphic novel written in the 80s (by the same guy that wrote V For Vendetta)

    ch-ch-check it out yo

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