THE LAST RIOT! tour stops at Wallingford

The Last Riot tour came to Wallingford on 8/30 with Phantom Planet as openers.

Phantom Planet has been on my radar for awhile. I saw them way back on the tour for “The Guest”, Dug ’em then, and still dig ’em now. Their set was rather short, but they played “Do the Panic” and “Dropped” from new album “Raise the Dead,” in addition to “Always On My Mind” and “California” (obviously) from “The Guest” album. For not even being second on the bill, the crowd reaction was good and the energy high. PP definitely should have had more set time (only 30 minutes), but Jack’s Mannequin was there and had the slot right before Paramore. Stooopid.

Phantom is also touring more for the new tracks, and many of the dates are their own headline. Check out their MySpace page for more info!

A couple of PP shots from the show:

Check this out…because it’s awesome:

As I said, I didn’t see Jack’s because it was time for a beer and because I didn’t care enough. Then Paramore came on and rocked it. We had seen them before as well, having checked out their debut album tour at Toad’s Place. The set list was as follows:

Born For This
That’s What You Get
Let The Flames Begin
When It Rains
My Heart (acoustic)
For A Pessimist
We Are Broken
Misery Business

As you can see, it was mostly songs from “Riot!”, hence the tour name. “My Heart” acoustic didn’t do it for me. They could’ve and should’ve rocked it at the end, but didn’t. The first 5 songs were non-stop energy though, and Hayley sounded great. Granted, we were a little older than the target audience, but it was still a superb time. And the Oakdale (aka, The Cheverlet Theater) is a GREAT place to see a show!

Picssss of Paramoreeee:


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