Shirley Manson joins Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

Last season, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles started amidst the writers’ strike which sucked for us, but helped a newbie show get a jump start on broadcast television. The 2nd season premiered on Monday and I must admit: my faith is somewhat renewed.

First of all: Shirley Manson has joined the cast. And she’s a Terminator. Rock on.

Secondly, I was starting to lose attention towards the end of the first season. The Turk was stolen, yada yada yada, they ran more, shit blew up…it didn’t really seem to be going anywhere. The first season finale, even more of the same. Shit blowing up is definitely cool, but T:TSCC was missing something.

After watching Monday’s episode, I must say I’m back to being intrigued. Though I’m far from addicted, the premiere’s opening scene was fantastic (and included a Shirley Manson cover of “Samson and Delilah”! The Garbage fan in me was gleeing with joy!). The Cameran “is-she-good-is-she-evil” storyline will only snowball as the season goes on which is also good. Summer Glau plays vulnerability to perfection (The scene when Cameran is pleading with John to not make her go away, i.e., unplug her hard drive, was sad and, well, quite emotional for a robot).

A new villain (Manson), an escalating relationship between Cameran and John, a smokin’ hot Lena Headey: I think Terminator is starting to find its footing. Here’s to hoping it lasts.


Oh hey, this popped up on YouTube!


5 Responses to “Shirley Manson joins Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles”

  1. I also enjoyed Monday’s episode — though I must admit, at times, Manson as the terminator/CEO was … weird. But then I guess terminators pretending to be human (and urinals) would have to be pretty weird. (Or maybe that’s how the character was written?)

    The “Cameron-is-she-or-isn’t-she” evil plotline’s pretty wonky to me. Chip got scratched? Wat. Still, it wouldn’t keep me from watching this awesome show.

  2. But the finger/knife through the head was SO AWESOME! haha

  3. I agree. The show is a little slow at times, but Glau and the new villianess will keep me tuning in.

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  5. I liked Shirley Manson in Garbage. I want her and that awesome band to make more music.

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