Deciding on a Halloween costume, Part 2

Idea 3: D1 suggested that I partake in an outing of Mindless Self Indulence, the punk-rock-rap-metal typhoon-motherfuck band from New York. See below.

D1 would be Jimmy (far right) and I’d be the other dude. Girlfriends would fill-in for Lyn Z and Kitty. Though D1 would be the perfect Jimmy, I have to give this idea some careful thought.

Pros: He’d be the perfect Jimmy, and the girls would fill their roles with ease as well.

Cons: I’m not sure I can pull off a Steve, Righ?, NO ONE will know who we are

To sum:

Idea 1: Dr Horrible

Idea 2: Batman (Adam West style)

Idea 3: group venture as MSI

Here’s the video for Never Wanted to Dance, juuuuust in case:


6 Responses to “Deciding on a Halloween costume, Part 2”

  1. I vote Dr. Horrible.

  2. me too!
    a shiny new australia!

  3. What about the pizza cutter?!

  4. Doom – WHERES MY PIZZA, BITCH!?!?!?! If my pizza comes, I can consider the cutter!!!!!!


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