Ok, ok: Let’s talk Heroes

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy Heroes. But, I suppose that sounds like more of a disclaimer than a statement coming from a true fan. Season 1 was SO STRONG and Season 2 was so, um…not. Although the Season 3 premiere was pretty good, it’s still unclear for me if this show can recapture some of the Season 1 magic and suspense.

Tim Kring, the creator, practically BEGGED fans at Comic-Con to tune in and tell their friends. It almost seemed desperate. Is he feeling the heat, or is he truly confident that the show will come back up to speed? Hmm…it makes me wonder.

The premiere: Not shabby! But I do get the feeling like the show is just treading water. THREE SEASONS later and Sylar is still doing the exact. same. thing. he was doing before? Claire is still pathetic and helpless and filming herself get hurt? We’ve also already established that the older generation / founders of the company are evil. WE GET IT. What happens next, Kring? I just feel like we haven’t gotten very far in the mythology yet, when there is so much potential to be had.

And why can’t anyone die and stay dead? With blood transfusions, transmutations, regenerations, and whatever else is happening that prevents characters from dying…there doesn’t seem to be any consequences. With so many ways for characters to stay alive, there is really zero suspense in the show. “Hey, there’s a big brawl, but it’s ok! My favorite character is in no danger whatsoever!” Kinda boring.

At least the show is back to the action-packed battles instead of boring feudal ancient Japan, right? You’ve got me Heroes…for now.

One Response to “Ok, ok: Let’s talk Heroes”

  1. i. hate. when. you. write. like. this.
    you’re too smart for that

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