Everybody get randommm.

So I haven’t actually just blogged about nothing lately. It’s been all “OOOH, Fall TV!” but most of the shows I’m watching aren’t that good this year (Heroes, Terminator, RW/RR Challenge…I’m lookin’ at youuuu). So what’s up out there, bitches? Well allow me to share with you…

1. Fall is great. First of all, you can get pumpkin flavored anthing: beer, ice cream, cookies, muffins, you name it. You can carve Jack O’Lanterns (Bellinsky Farm – we have a date this weekend!), get crazy-good apple crisp and cider donuts. Yes, yes I do enjoy the fall.

2. I’m finally OK with the new Facebook. I think everyone complaining needs to shut up and just immerse themselves in it. The old design was boring and getting stale…they hadn’t changed it in, well, ever. So yes…out with the old, in with the new. And stop sending me invites to groups that tell you how to get the “old facebook” back. Lame.

3. I hate Flash. I’m going to go on record and say that. ActionScript 3.0…it’s going to be a long fucking semester.

4. I’m currently listening to the 200 Cigarettes soundtrack (“I Want Candy” currently playing), and really, what is better 80’s fun than this?

5. Does anyone have any rockin’ Halloween tunes for a mix I’m making? Anything from Rob Zombie and Black Sabbath to Ghostbusters and Monster Mash….anything involving death, terror, malicious fun…yanno. (And PS…i have these that I have listed…Doom, D1…I’m lookin’ at you).

So it’s back to Flash homework. Either that or the noose I’m slowly fashioning as a result of it.

Survivor blog to come…(I can’t believe I didn’t write about the premiere…anyways, I’ll post some initial thoughts after watching tonight’s ep.

Til next time.


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