So what do we think of Survivor: Gabon?

This post contains spoilers for the first 3 episodes of Survivor: Gabon.

We’re three episodes into Survivor’s 17th season being held in Gabon, Africa. So far, we’ve seen Michelle, Gillian, and Paloma voted out: No loss there. The scheming has started, the starvation is setting in, and I imagine the crazy is about to begin.

So far, this season has been OK. The first few weeks are always a bit slow because it’s quite obvious who needs to go. Now for some highly unnecessary, but hopefully entertaining commentary from moi.

Ace: Kind of a douche, but in an entertaining way. Last week, he flew stomach first on the water slide, only to turn over twice and raise his arms/elbows to a position behind his head that said: “I’m relaxed, I’m with it.” Showoff. Although I hope he brings a little hilarity to the game (it’s always good to have the “fun villain” chracter), I hope they squash him shortly after the merger.

Sugar: Cute, fun, killer bikini. But seriously, I feel bad for the loss of her father. I hope she makes it far; I’m definitely rooting for her. Sticking with Ace could be her downfall though.

Corinne: Smart and sneaky. Kind of like China’s Todd. Her and her alliance could definitely take this game to the final 3-5 if they play their cards right. No one seems to be playing the game on Corinne’s level just yet. Corinne – 1, Everyone not alligned with Corinne – 0.

Bob: Bob is such a likable character. He’s good at challenges, he provides, he’s quiet around camp. He seems like an all-around nice guy. His downfall? His social game. Guy needs to find a few friends that will be 100% loyal to him or he runs the risk of being the guy without any ties. This could help him play the “swing vote” card, but that is usually a one-trick pony type of play. Make friends, Bob!

Randy and GC: I hope you both go down burning in flames. Not literal flames. But fake “I got totally effed in Tribal” flames.

I’m going to try to blog about every episode of Survivor this year. 1. because all my other shows aren’t that interesting anymore and 2. because Survivor is the only show that always delivers.

To the rest of the 15 Survivors: Game on.


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