Ever wish you had something that prevented you from drunk dialing?

Or drunk texting…?

Well, nothing exists like that. So stop being a douche and put your phone down.

However, if you end up picking up a laptop while inebriated, Google will try to prevent you from making an ass out of yourself!

Google now has a Drunk E-Mail Protector that will try to prevent you from emailing your friends to tell them how much you secretly hate them. You need to answer 5 simple arithmatic problems in under 60 seconds to gain access to your account. You can change the days and settings to meet the times you are most likely wasted (how convenient, Google!).

Check the hyperlink above. Time’s article by Claire Suddath is quite good and way better than anything I could tell you about it. Suddath grabs 2 bottles of wine, her laptop, and a friend to test the whole shpiel out. Tis a good read. Go!


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