Survivor Gabon: Playing with fire

This post contains spoilers for 10/16’s episode of Survivor: Gabon

So why do I have a picture of Kota lying around doing nothing? Because seriously…this is apparently all they need to do to win this game. Lay back. Do nothing. Because Fang will self destruct and lose on their own.

The tribes were even switched up! Remember last week? That whole ranking/tribal swap, etc? Wasn’t that supposed to…I don’t know…help Fang? I gueeeessss nottttt.

Fang lost the reward of spices, oils, and fruit. Then they went ahead and lost immunity. And that’s after almost losing GC because he “didn’t care”. Allow me to take this time to present GC with a message…because I know he reads The Littlest Winslow ALL the time:

Dear GC:

You are one of the most pathetic Survivors in the history of Survivor. And the show has been on for awhile. Gabon is what? The 17th season? That’s a whole lot of contestants that you suck MORE than. 16ish people per season…x 17 seasons…272 Survivors. Oh wait, but didn’t Palau have 20 to start with? So lets bump that number to 276. You suck more than 275 other Survivors. Congratulations.


The Littlest Winslow

So Fang lost. Then lost again. And now we don’t have to watch GC be a douche anymore because he was voted out. That’s pretty much the recap for this episode.

Oh, yeah! An elephant came to the Fang camp. And I’m-fucking-crazy-Ace and I-have-a-death-wish-Matty decided to go row across the river so they can get CLOSER to the large animal that could certainly squash them like a bug. Riiiiiight.

Things to think about for next week:

-Previews showed Ace copping a deal with Matty? Controlling the game? Wh-wh-what?!?!?

-Everyone knows Sugar has the hidden immunity idol. She’s in for some serious danger! If she’s voted out…its her own damn fault for not hiding it.

-With GC gone, I pose this question: Can Kelly leave next?

**EDIT** Check out Jeff Probst blog on! He’ll be blogging after every episode airs (like meeeeeee!)


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